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DIY hand lettering on cell phone case

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I used Sharpie paint markers to decorate my clear cell phone cases. After waiting weeks to purchase a new iphone in rose gold, I could not bear to cover it up so I purchased a clear case. After a couple of days I knew that I had to do something to my case to make it my own so I came up with a way to add my own design so that it would not rub off with wear. You can find my tutorial for doing this on my blog and in the Facebook Live Video that I did for Makeful. After creating my second case for the Facebook Live Video, I created two more cases for my daughters using the same basic technique.


  • clear cell phone case, Sharpie paint markers (oil based is permanent and water based will come off with water) in the colours of your choice, paper and pencil to sketch out your design, painter's tape. You may also want to use a black marker to trace out your final design and you will need either a lightbox or sunny window to trace your design in reverse on the paper.


Lorrie Everitt

I am a DIY enthusiast who loves to craft, bake, design, take pictures and entertain at her home and cottage. When I'm not creating, you'll find me online blogging, pinning projects and searching Instagram for crafting and party inspiration.
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