Makeful Challenge: Coasters

DIY Holiday Candle Stems

My house recently went under some renovations, while cleaning and purging many things I discovered that we had a lot of stemware. Rather than giving it away I decided to keep it for a future DIY, I just didn’t know what. One day I came across an article which featured upside down wine glasses as a candle holder centre piece and I thought “Wow what a neat idea.” Then the mail came with the coasters and I knew I wanted to do something that wasn’t your typical use for them. I then got thinking wouldn’t it be neat to come up with a use for these and the wine glasses I had. A friend had suggested filling them with little holiday trinkets and turning them into snow globes. So from all these ideas came my DIY Holiday candle stems. I loved picking out the perfect little Holiday pieces to fill them with and when completed was so excited to see them lit.


  • Cork Coasters
  • Wine glasses (various sizes)
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Sparkles
  • Fake snow
  • Pine cones
  • Berries
  • Holiday trinkets (example: Christmas light bulbs)

How to make it

Step 1: Line up your cork coaster base with wine glass so it is centred. Trace a circle around the glass so you will have an idea of where to glue the items you wish to put inside.

Step 2: Arrange items to your liking on the cork base and secure them using your hot glue gun.

Step 3: With the wine glass upright, add white sparkles and fake snow into the glass

Step 4: Release hot glue along the circle drawn onto the cork base. While the glass is still upright, glue base to the glass closing the items into the glass.

Step 5: Flip project over, testing to make sure the base and glass are sealed. You can now add any additional decor to the Candle holder to finish it off nicely.



I am a very creative individual, with my hands into alittle bit of everything. When I'm not reading or sketching, I'm knitting or sewing. I love stamps, markers, glue, yarn and thread. I really do... I have an obsession. I love creating something and seeing people smile.
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