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DIY Neon Painted Animal Necklaces

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As a jewellery creator and designer, I love expressing my love for colour and whimsy in my pieces. This DIY project shows you how I make the neon animal necklaces featured in my shop, Birch Jewellery, in three super easy steps. You need only a handful of supplies and you’re on your way to making these totally adorable animal necklaces.


  • paintbrushes
  • craft paint in your favourite colours
  • modge podge
  • thumb tack
  • brass eye pins
  • brass chain
  • plastic animals

How to make it

Step 1: Get your little animal friends ready to paint. pick your colours and get your brush ready to coat them in fun and bright colours. Our signature colours are neon pink, purple and mint green. You’ll need to add a couple of coats to the animals before they’re totally covered. Once they’re dry and completely covered, coat them in modge podge to add a shiny finish and seal in all your painting hard work.

Step 2: Carefully use a thumb tack or another tiny sharp object of your choice to puncture a hole on the top of the painted animal. This is where you’ll insert the eye pin to hook the chain to. Once you’ve made your hole, you may also add a bit of super glue to hold the brass eye pin in place.

Step 3: Attach your chain and you’re ready to go!


Samantha Brazeau-Wilson

media relations professional & lifestyle photographer / creative entrepreneur / pug mom / maker of Birch Jewellery
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