DIY Origami Mobile

The Monster Factory

Feel zen with your very own DIY Origami Mobile!


  • Driftwood
  • Paper
  • Clear string (fishing line)
  • Screweyes

How to make it

Step 1: Pick a piece of driftwood

Step 2: Fold your origami

Step 3: Organize your origami under the driftwood in the order you’d like them to hang

Step 4: Measure the string that will attach each origami to the driftwood

Step 5: Tie a triple knot on the end of each thread

Step 6: Thread your needle up through the base of the origami and then through the back

Step 7: Repeat for each origami

Step 8: Screw in a screweye into the driftwood for each origami strand

Step 9: Attach your origami strands to the driftwood by making a quick loop knot at the end of each strand and hook it onto the screweye

Step 10: Now you’re ready to hang your mobile!


Rhya Tamasauskas

Co Founder of the Monster Factory, a Toronto based plush toy brand. Maker, dreamer, creator of characters and storyteller.
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