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DIY Painted Outdoor Patio Bench

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The perfect addition to your back porch or deck. This bench will look amazing while serving a practical function!



  • Outdoor patio bench or furniture
  • Paint in color of your choice
  • Sand paper
  • Damp Cloth
  • Paint brush and Accessories

How to make it

Step 1: Clean the surface with a damp cloth and let dry

Step 2: Sand down the entire surface to remove any debris to ensure an extra smooth finish

Step 3: Prepare your paint and paint the first coat on the entire surface and let dry (repeat a second coat)


Natalie Ho

I am Natalie and the DIY inspirer and creator behind My Little Secrets is a DIY and Lifestyle Blog based in Toronto. A strong believer that if you love something, you can make it, My Little Secrets is a haven for the DIY obsessed.
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