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DIY Wedding Soap Favors

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Want to make your own DIY wedding soap favors for your big day? Learn how with this tutorial for making your own DIY wedding soap favors or unique Save the Date Soaps! Plus there are two homemade soap recipes for making mango and coconut milk two different ways! Choose from a simple homemade soap recipe that won’t break your budget or a splurge worthy luxurious mango and coconut milk homemade soap recipe!


  • palm oil
  • palm kernel flakes
  • 76° melt point refined coconut oil
  • rice bran oil
  • distilled water
  • lye/sodium hydroxide
  • pureed ripe mango
  • coconut milk powder
  • fragrance oil, optional
  • blank full size labels
  • clipart


Rebecca D. Dillon

DIY blogger and behind the scenes girl at Soap Deli News blog. Homemade soap recipes, bath and beauty recipes and more.
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