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Family Fingerprint Charm Bracelet

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This family fingerprint charm bracelet was so much fun to make. It’s a sweet little afternoon project that makes a great handmade gift. My favorite part of this project is that the whole family can get involved making it (mom, dad and kids!) and it makes a great gift for moms, aunts and grandmas.



  • -Sculpey Souffle Multipack or your favorite Sculpey Clay
  • -1 inch (or shorter) eye pins (eye pins like these ones work great)
  • Silver Metallic Paint (I used the silver paint that came with my Sculpey Silkscreen Kit but this metallic paint would work as well.)
  • -Small paint brush
  • -Paper towel
  • -Split Jump Rings (When I went to the craft store I intended to pick up regular jump rings. I was slightly terrified about the idea of putting them on… I’m not the best with my jewelry tools. I came across these split jump rings that are almost like the ring on a keychain but smaller! Problem solved! No jewelry tools needed. Alternatively you can use regular jump rings and your jewelry tools.)
  • -Necklace or bracelet (we like the kind made of rings for a charm bracelet)
  • -Clay Baking Pad (optional)
  • -Clay Rolling Pin (optional)

How to make it

Step 1:


Crystal Allen

At Hello Creative Family we believe that creative parents raise creative kids. Many of us lose our creative spark when we get married and have kids. We want to help reignite our readers' creative spark so they can raise their children in a handmade, homemade, heart-made home.
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