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Frozen Sensory Hand

Iddle Peeps

Science meets imagination and creativity with this BRILLIANT and inexpensive activity that’s perfect for warm weather… indoors or outdoors!

My little guy was short circuiting with excitement the first time we did this activity… so much so that we’re doing a frozen hand every week now (it’s Summer here is Australia).

This activity is great in so many ways – from the handling of the rubber gloves, the selection of materials to put inside them, how the gloves feel when they’re filled with water, the concept and patience around the freezing (with periodic check ups, of course… every 10 minutes if my son had his way…) as well as the cold sensations of the ice and the excitement of helping the hands melt (with warm water, paintbrushes, syringes and salt). Depending on your child’s age, you can incorporate safe excavation tools for them to handle.

Simple and cost effective this one really does provide hours of healthy entertainment. Once the hands have melted, you can reuse the contents and perhaps extend the activity with a bout of collect, sort and tidy for re-using the next time. I’ve not been very successful with this concept… hopefully you have more luck.



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