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Fruitalicious Ferris Fun

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Fruitalicious Ferris Fun is a fun, bright and circus themed kids food art meal or snack, packed full of tasty and nutritious flavour. Made and assembled in under 3 minutes, it’s a quick, creative, fun and inspirational way to encourage your child (or children) to eat healthy foods, try new textures or simply to bring a sense of fun and anticipation to meal and snack-time. Ideal for little ones who love the circus, or a circus themed party.

Toddler meal times are often frustrating, stressful and wasteful – filled with tantrums and tears (and I’m not only talking about the little ones!). Maybe our Fruitalicious Ferris Fun can help?! Older children could even put this together themselves.



Iddle Peeps is about inspiring totally do-able-kids-crafts & activities, mostly using recycled materials. We've got plenty of healthy & creative food art ideas, to inspire picky little eaters - all designed to take less than 3 minutes to assemble. We feature simple, nutritious family recipes and we review & showcase products that we think are…
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