Spring Flowers Bring Wedding Showers from Corissa Thornsen

Giant Paper Flowers

Corissa Thornsen

I volunteered to help throw a last minute wedding shower for a coworker in the office. The setting was a typical conference room. I used scrap paper from our office plotter to create giant paper flowers, ranging in diameter from 8″ to 12″. Each flower had two or three layers of petals and a rolled paper center that brought the flowers to life. In addition I used some placemats, we had in the office, as a table runner and used a Silhouette Cameo machine to cut out custom wedding themed confetti. With just a little paper and some balloons we were able to turn an ordinary conference room into a simple and fun wedding shower.


  • Paper
  • Woven placemats
  • Chalkboard fabric pendant


Corissa Thornsen

Hello, I am an interior designer by day and a maker by night. My passions include sewing, jewelry making and paper crafts. My current obsessions include leather, felt and paper.
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