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Handmade Christmas stockings with bears

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Create these handmade Christmas stockings and place them on Christmas packages, decorate a corner of your home or just hang them on the tree. Make larger printings and use bigger bears or embellishments to decorate a fireplace or a door. Use the handmade Christmas stockings as gift bags for the kids filled with small toys and sweeties.


  • Barbara Anne Williams - Stockings Were Hung Collection
  • Buddly Crafts 40mm Tiny Fluffy Teddy Bears 4pcs - Colour Mix T13
  • Knorr Prandell Binder Twine - 20m
  • Buddly Crafts 15mm Stars Metal Claw Stud Rivets - Silver Tone 50pcs #V5
  • Buddly Crafts Round Wooden Beads - 100pcs Red & White
  • Knorr Prandell Decorative Icelandic Moss 250g - Lime Green #6695426
  • Buddly Crafts 9mm Christmas Satin Ribbon 5m - Holly Green
  • cArt-Us Tiny Wooden Shapes - 45pcs Sweet Xmas #1024
  • Buddly Crafts 9mm Wooden Buttons 40pcs - Red-Brown B26
  • Buddly Crafts 12mm Wooden Buttons - 40pcs Tan B27

How to make it

Step 1: Download the stockings file from the shop link. Resize the stockings image a bit larger and create mirrored copies of them.

Step 2: Using a craft knife, cut the stockings images. Place glue around the cuttings, except from the top of it. Glue the two mirrored images together.

Step 3: As I find the stockings quite long for this project I cut the stockings decoration and glue it a bit lower. Using a pencil form the opening to allow the placement of the bear.

Step 4: Place a bear in each stocking and decorate with ribbons, beads and the other little embellishments.


Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

Crafting since 2012, following my painting hobby, I like to combine different materials and techniques in my projects. I love working with wires, metallic charms and surfaces and adding little details on my crafts. Favorite techniques are stamping and embossing.
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