Makeful Challenge: Coasters from

Mud Cloth Coasters!

I have been eyeing up a lot of pretty mud cloth patterns lately and wanted to take it to the coaster! I decided on white and copper as a festive twist on this African cloth tradition.


  • 2 Paintbrushes (1 larger, 1 very fine)
  • Acrylic Paint, your choice
  • Optional: ruler, pencil, Pigment pen

How to make it

Step 1: I started by painting two coasters with white Acrylic and then the other two with Copper acrylic. I did two coats to fill in the small pockets of the cork.

Step 2: Next, I painted free hand in the opposite colour a mud cloth inspired pattern using my fine brush and a steady hand. I happened to have a white pigment pen which made the copper coasters much easier to design freehand. I used the ruler for straighter edges and the pencil to draw some shapes before committing to the overall pattern.

Step 3: Finally, I sprayed a coat of clear sealer to protect the pattern from condensation!


Stacy Luck

I am dedicated to sharing ephemeral and fleeting thoughts and ideas of what I find beautiful and interesting to anyone and everyone willing to share in the beauty of refurbished finds, paintings, pottery, weaving, stitching and anything crafty.
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