No Sew Bunting

No sew bunting – yes it’s true and it couldn’t be any easier to create! This no sew bunting is a perfect project for any age and can be created with fabric scraps – yup I said fabric scraps people!

I always save my scraps for little projects like this and well, let’s be real, I am somewhat of a hoarder.

These buntings are 5 1/2″ feet in length – leave about 6″ blank on each end if you plan to tie your bunting to something, otherwise you can glue from end to end. I use bias tape but you could also use ribbon or jute twine too!

I love to cut the buntings in various shapes and sizes of like colours and patterns to create the perfect palette – of course you can do whatever you like – mix them up – you really can’t go wrong with this project.

Glue your buntings with fabric glue – it’s best to do this on a long table so that you can lay them out first and then glue them all at once.

Let dry and voila – you are done and it’s ready to hang with tape or push pins.

Perfect over a window, doorway or a headboard for everyday use or create a whole bunch for a party – can you imagine how great they would look all over the backyard in the trees and on the fence? Oh my gosh, stop me now!!!

Fun right? :)


  • scrap materials
  • cotton
  • linen
  • vintage
  • ribbon
  • jute
  • twine


shawne bennett

Hello I am Shawne and I truly enjoy the simple things in life! Embroidery is my greatest love, but creating & designing has been deep within my soul for as long as I can remember! I am a mother and a wife and I keep things moving along with lots of help from coffee, tea,…
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