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No-Sew Throw Pillows

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The best part about these pillows? They can be whipped up in no time at all and made into super sweet (pun intended), yet sugar-free Christmas gifts.



  • Rectangular shaped pillow insert, any size but rectangular shaped works best (12"x20"; 12"x16")
  • Medium weight knit fabric, approx. 1.5x the size of the pillow (24"x30"; 18"x24"). Knit fabrics such as jersey, interlock, microfleece work best for this because you can leave the edges cut and not worry about fraying.
  • Elastic bands, x2
  • Grosgrain Ribbon, ¼" wide x 12" long

How to make it

Step 1: Prepare the fabric by cutting it to required size. The fabric needs to be wide enough to overlap along the long side creating an “envelope” style pillowcase. Position the pillow in the center of the cut fabric on the wrong side of the fabric (right side will be facing the away from you). Fold over one lengthwise side and then fold over the other lengthwise side to overlap edges.

Step 2: Secure the ends using rubber bands. Tie in place as close to pillow as possible.

Step 3: Tie the decorative ribbon around the rubber bands. Create a knot and then tie into a pretty bow. Tip: cut the grosgrain ribbon ends on an angle to help prevent fraying!

Step 4: Now onto the embellishing, which is completely optional (but really the best part)! You can sew (even though it's the ""no-sew"" pillow) on some sequins, or carefully glue on the sequins with fabric adhesive. Another embellishment option I was considering was to stencil on some words using sparkly fabric paint.


Jane & Sonja

Our love of crafting and passion for handmade started at an early age. These days you'll find us busy sewing, knitting, baking or upcycling great thrift store and curbside finds to bring new life to something old.
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