Ombre String Art - Valentine's Edition

String art is so chic. This Valentine’s Day project combines love and craft in the perfect way.


  • three colours of string
  • finished wood board
  • finishing nails
  • hammer
  • print out of your design
  • tape
  • scoring tool

How to make it

Step 1: Lay out your design and tape it down to the board

Step 2: Tip: Score little holes into the wood to make it easier to hammer in the nails

Step 3: Hammer in nails deep enough that they hold but shallow enough that they don't pierce through the other side

Step 4: Remove the paper guides and secure any loose nails

Step 5: String time! Tie a knot at one end and criss-cross the string around the nails. There is no pattern, just wrap around every nail

Step 6: Add in the other colours of string, from dark to light, to create an ombre effect

Step 7: Tie a knot around the last nail and your done!

Step 8: Hang and enjoy!


Denise Wild

Denise Wild is the host of Makeful's first original series, Holiday Makeover. Denise is a sewing expert, TV host, author, magazine editor, and entrepreneur. She loves sewing clothes, DIYing with fabric, and crafting absolutely anything!
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