Makeful Challenge: Cellphone Cases from Kaitlin Shaw

Phone Case

Kaitlin Shaw

This DIY project was inspired by my love for plants. My favourite part of doing this project was being able to practice with watercolours and try out new techniques.



  • 1. Scissors
  • 2. Watercolour paper or thick cardboard stock
  • 3. Watercolour paint
  • 4. xacto knife
  • 5. Pencil
  • 6. Eraser

How to make it

Step 1: Trace the phone case on a piece of paper remember to trace around the spot where the camera will be. You can also find lots of templates online.

Step 2: Cut out the shape using scissors. For the camera area I used an xacto knife.

Step 3: Draw your picture using pencil first and than go over it with paint. After everything is dry, erase the pencil lines. Place your final artwork in your phone case.


Kaitlin Shaw

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