Makeful Challenge: Cellphone Cases

Purrrrrfect Phone Case

I love all those trendy cases with animals on them, so for my case, I decided to add a more personal touch, and created a pattern using my cat Aria’s face. I then printed it onto a sheet of acetate and inserted it into the case. The result is the purrr-fect case for cat lovers… (but seriously, who wouldn’t love that cute little face.)


  • Clear Cellphone case
  • Acetate
  • Cat photo
  • Lazer printer
  • Scissors


Jen West

Hello, I'm Jen. I'm a graphic designer by day, DIY-er by night. In addition to design, I'm passionate about hand-lettering and can make to make just about anything from cut paper. When I'm not making things, you'll most likely find me doing yoga or taking a well deserved nap.
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