That Cactus is Lookin' Sharp

Seashore Cacti

I used beach rocks, mussel shells and sand to create this “cactus” arrangement


  • Mussel shells
  • Beach rocks
  • Sand
  • White glue
  • Acrylic paint
  • Strofoam and florists foam

How to make it

Step 1: The prefect rock shapes needed to be found to create each cactus,. Broken mussel shells were glued to add "arms" to some of the cactus. Acrylic paint allowed for quick drying and a toothpick was used to paint the assorted spiky details.

Step 2: Once all cactus were painted, I cut green florist foam to fill the dollar store vase. On top of this I placed a disk cut out of a styrofoam cookie tray. This was glued on top of the green foam filler.

Step 3: A small knife was used to cut slits or holes ( depending on the shape of the rock) to insert the cactus rocks into the foam. These were then glued in. * Do not use a glue that is so strong that it eats away the styrofoam ( I learned this the hard way)

Step 4: The final step was to mix sand with white glue to make the look of "desert sand". I spooned this on top of the styrofoam - I used a mussel shell as a scooping tool to smooth the mixture out.
Easy Peasy and lots of inexpensive fun!


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