#MakefulChallenge: Aprons

The Plainly Trendy Apron

I tried to keep my apron as simple as possible, but still keep it elegant. My inspiration came from Kate Spade. I really like the simplicity of her designs, so I tried to incorporate that simplicity in my apron. I decided to keep my apron balanced by adding gold designs on each side of it, and covering the pockets, and decided to leave the background the way it was to make the designs pop even more. This was a really fun project!


  • - Sharpie water-based metallic marker in gold
  • - Gold paper decorative flowers
  • - Decorative tape
  • - Stencil

How to make it

Step 1: The first step was to use my stencil and gold sharpie to create my design on the upper right-side of my apron. This stencil is actually a tie-dye stencil, but by using a gold metallic marker, I was able to achieve a different looking result.

Step 2: The next step was to repeat the same process as the first step, but in the lower left-hand side of my apron. By doing this, it balanced out the designs on my apron, and spaced them out so they weren't overpowering.

Step 3: The third step was to use the decorative tape--I purchased in sparkly gold and gold polka dot. I lined the top of the pockets with a thicker line of the sparkly gold tape, and then lined the bottom of the pockets with a thinner line of the same tape. With the space in between I added the gold polka dot tape. It made for a nice contrast.

Step 4:
Next I took more of the gold sparkly tape and lined the very top front neckline of my apron. This gave the apron a nice clean look at the top and also tied the pockets into the design of the apron, creating more balance in the look. In this picture you can see also that I accented my apron with gold paper flowers.

Step 5: Adding the gold paper flowers was the final step. I added one to the top left of my apron, and three to the top left of the pockets.



Soul searching and having fun while doing it ☀️
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