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Toteally Spring Bag

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Spring is coming so I wanted to make a cute bag to go with all of my favourite Spring pieces of clothing! I chose Pink, Teal and Orange with accents of Gold and a bit of sparkle! I loved making the Gold Foiled Flowers!


  • The Makeful Toteally Awesome Bag.
  • Art Foamies Stamps
  • Liquitex Basics Paint in Magenta, Bright Aqua Green and Gold.
  • Liquitex Heavy Body Paint in Vivid Red Orange.
  • Thermoweb Deco Foil Glue and Gold Deco Foil.
  • Liquitex Matte Super Heavy Gel.
  • 28 Lilac Lane by Buttons Galore Beads, Sequins and Pearls.
  • Floral Ribbon.

How to make it

Step 1: I started by stamping the Flowers and the Bird using the Acrylic Paint.

Step 2: I then applied the Deco Foil Glue over the Gold Flower. You have to wait until the Glue has turned clear. This can take a few hours to dry.

Step 3: Once the Glue is dry I was able to add the Gold Foiling over the Glue.

Step 4: I then applied the Liquitex Matte Super Heavy Gel to the middle of the Blue and Pink Flowers, one at a time and filled the centres in with the beads.

Step 5: I wanted a bit more sparkle so I glued down some sequins and pearls onto the bag.

Step 6: Finally I adhered the Ribbon using the Matte Super Heavy Gel around the top of the bag. Let everything dry!

Now you have a great Spring bag to use when you go out shopping!


Christine Urias

My name is Christine. I am the host of Scrap Time where I show you the latest and greatest products and techniques for paper crafting and art journaling.
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