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typewriter garden

I have a love for typewriters, all ages and kinds, and it breaks my heart to see broken ones torn apart. So why not make a whimsical garden out of a broken typewriter to brighten up your front porch? The best part is coming ho,e to find you mail carrier has a sense of humour and leaves your mail between the keys.


  • Typewriter (preferably broken)
  • Burlap
  • Potting soil
  • Moss
  • Succulents

How to make it

Step 1: Layer in small pieces of burlap along the inside and bottom of the typewriter to prevent soil from falling out.

Step 2: Place succulents into open areas, and then fill empty spaces with soil if needed.

Step 3: Cover open soil areas and anyplace you can see the burlap with moss.


Kara Schuster

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