Makeful Challenge: Cellphone Cases from helana and ali

Vision Board Cell Phone Case

helana and ali

I am always inspired when my workspace is enhanced with vision boards and inspiring words and images. I decided to take the idea of a vision board and reproduce it in mini form for the cell phone case. After compiling a multitude of images and words that represent my summer theme (relax and unwind), I arranged them on a tissue paper template, glue sticked the images to the tissue and lay the portable vision board into the case and trimmed up. You could just glue stick your images on to the inside of the case but I wanted to be able to change up my portable image board so that this fall I could have a vision of all of my fall plans – right by my side.


  • magazine clippings that are sized to fit a cell phone case, including words and images
  • glue stick
  • tissue paper
  • pencil to trace a template


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