Makeful Challenge: Cellphone Cases from Crativism

Washi Tape'd Cellphone Case


An easy way to pimp out any cellphone, computer, or tablet case! Assorted washi tapes make everything more colorful and fun. In this case I taped onto white card stock, cut the card stock out to exactly fit the phone case, and then used a glue gun to attach it, but you can also just tape directly to the case. With so many washi tapes to choose from, you can change it up every month, and everyone will be totally jealous of how rad your phone looks.


  • Assorted Washi Tape
  • Cell phone case
  • Card stock (optional)
  • Glue gun (optional)


Zöe Costanzo

Obsessed with crafting and DIY! Currently I work with cross stitch, crochet, baking, and calligraphy, but I have yet to meet a craft I haven't loved!
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