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Wine Cork Star Decor

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We wanted to make a free standing star that could sit on top of the fireplace mantle. The intention was for Christmas decor but it turns out, that the star will look great all year round!




  • x103 corks
  • Glue Gun and a good amount of glue sticks (you can never have too many)
  • Acrylic Paint, white
  • Mod Podge - matte finish
  • Loose Glitter
  • Paint brush

How to make it

Step 1: Before glueing any of the corks together, I laid out the pattern on a flat surface making sure the flat end of the corks were face down. It’s pretty important to work it out first to make sure the corks will line up. This was a bit of a puzzle to figure out but I love a good challenge!

Step 2: With the glue gun, I started to piece them together making sure the flat side of the cork was at the bottom. For each additional cork, squeeze them together until the glue dries.To start, I made a bunch of mini triangles (hmmm, these look a lot like mini Christmas trees...note to self: will need to get more corks!).

Step 3: When all the corks are assembled, flip the star so the flat side is facing up...aka the new RIGHT SIDE. This will be the side to paint. Using a small paint brush, begin painting the base of each cork with white acrylic. I took care to paint only the center of each cork base because I wanted some of the cork colour and texture to show.


Jane & Sonja

Our love of crafting and passion for handmade started at an early age. These days you'll find us busy sewing, knitting, baking or upcycling great thrift store and curbside finds to bring new life to something old.
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