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Wrist Cuff made from Vintage License Plates


Inspired by the cool colours, patina and words on vintage license plates, I take these metal beauties and remake them into wrist cuffs!
I love to find interesting words on plates and cut them out. Some of my faves are “Yours to Discover”, “Truck”, “Trailer”, and “America’s Dairyland”.
Own and wear a piece of history…who knows what roads these have travelled.


  • vintage license plates

How to make it

Step 1: cut out a band a desired width from the plate (the height of a plate is the perfect size)
sand down the edges...this takes a long time...start from rough and go down to a very smooth grit until it's soft and smooth
wax and polish the entire surface
bend into shape to wear



Leslieville Flea co-founder, stylist, interior designer, event designer, craftsperson, woodworker, welder, gal of all trades. Vintage lover, beach baby, mom, wife, happy owner of 2 dogs.
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